Aircraft Structural Sizing, Analysis & Design Cycle Optimization


The Company provides custom engineering solutions for Aircraft Structures for OEM and Tier 1 Suppliers. The structures analysis and 3D modeling work is quoted for a fixed fee and delivery date. The company, will provide the best engineering solutions at a very competitive price in North America.

What The Company Does

Finite Element Modeling in PATRAN


Aircraft Stress Analysis

Structural Loads input in Patran

Material Properties Database (Metallic & Composite )

Nastran Solutions SOL 101, 103, 105, 106

Nastran Solution SOL 200 ( Design Study Optimization ) opitmum design solutions

Verification of Nastran solutions with hand calculations for FAA certification

Preparation of Stress Reports for FAA certification

Custom PCL Applications for increasing productivity in Patran (Patran Command Language Applications)

Excel / Visual Basic Applications for structural analysis

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance for Commercial Aircraft Structures

MRB Stress Support for manufacturing

Aircraft Structural Analysis

Landing Gear Analysis

The Applications on this website are NOT based on FEA / FEM and NOT related to MSC products.

Nastran Patran Aircraft Structural Analysis Aircraft Stress Analysis Aircraft Structural Analysis Airframe Analysis Beam Section Analysis Joints and Fittings Lug Analysis SOL 101 SOL 103 SOL 105 SOL 106 SOL 200 Design Study Optimization Patran Command Language Fatigue and Damage Tolerance for Commercial Aircraft Structures MRB Stress Support for manufacturing Structural Repairs Metallic Composite Finite Element Modeling Space Shuttle Buran Antonov AN 124 124-100 AN-140 AN-148 AN-158 AN-174 AN-225 AN 225 Antonov Aeronautical Scientist/Technical Complex Antonov ASTC Sukhoi superjet 100 NASA JPL MDA Bell Helicopter Gulfstream savannah GA G650 G550 G150 G250 G350 G450 G500 G550 G650 General Dynamics GD Northrop Grumman MSC software mscsoftware ceweekly cjhunter goodrich aerostructures aero structures aeronautical aeronautics Boeing 777 787 747 767 757 freighter conversion stress core laminate sandwich G550 G650 Unigraphics NX CAD CAM CAE Product Lockheed Martin Lifecycle Management PLM software allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from ideation, design and manufacture, through service and disposal. Computer-Aided Design CAD, Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAM Computer-Aided Engineering CAE Product Data Management PDM and Manufacturing Process Management MPM converge through PLM Teamcenter is the worlds most widely used PLM software. Teamcenter powers innovation and improves productivity by connecting people across global product development and manufacturing organizations with the product and process knowledge they need to succeed NX offers the industry's broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications. NX touches the full range of development processes in product design, manufacturing and simulation, allowing companies to encourage the use best practices by capturing and reusing product and process knowledge landing gear messier dowty EADS Airbus A300 A310 A318 A319 A320 A321 A330 A340 A350 A380 A330 Jet Aviation General Electric GE CFM International GE SNECMA Pratt & Whitney P&W International Aero Engines R-R P&W Rolls-Royce R-R Engine Alliance GE P&W Airframe Stress Analysis and Sizing Michael C Y Niu Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures E F Bruhn erickson aircrane ericksonaircrane business jet businessjet bbj1 bbj2 737-700 737-800 Pats Decrane eurocopter cessna raytheon cummins daimler renault general motors gm chevrolet Timco toyota honda hondajet toyotajet atlantis rolls royce rollroyce pratt and whitney pratt&whitney prattandwhitney saab canadair avro BAE Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation Hawker Beechcraft Bell Helicopter Textron Westland GKN Westland Helicopters Sikorsky helicopters helicopter s-76 s-92 Schweizer sacusa Unmanned Aerial Vehicles s-333 s-330c s-300cbi sa 2-37b Keystone Helicopter Corporation Diamond diamondair diamondaircraft d-jet djet da40 da20 da42 da50 EMBRAER Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica SA Brazil Ilyushin Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Imeni S. V. Ilyushina OAO Russia IL-96-300 IL-62M IL-62 IL-96-400 IL-114-300 IL-103 tupolev TU-134 TU-154 TU-204 214 TU-334 TU-330 TU-324 TU-444 Nastran output Patran Microsoft MS Word Excel pdf Adobe printer extract

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